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Euro-Ekopak is a legal entity dealing with packaging waste management according to article 21 of the Law on managing packaging and packaging waste (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no. 161/09, 17/11, 47/11, 136/11, 6/12, 39/12, 163/13, 146/15, 39/16).
As a collective system for packaging waste management, legal entity Euro-Ekopak’s main mission is achieving national targets for packaging waste management.
Euro-Ekopak is a non-profit legal entity which gathers financial resources from its members and reinvests them in establishing a sustainable integral system for packaging waste.
The manufacturers and importers of packed goods lower their expenditures for packaging waste management by participating in Euro-Ekopak’s system.
Euro-Ekopak guarantees achievingthe aims i.e. recycling and reusing the package and packaging waste and decreasing the waste’s volume.

In the collective system for packaging waste management Euro-Ekopak, there are 460 legal entities that participateas members, manufacturers and packaging waste importers.


Foundersof the legal entity Euro-Ekopak are the following companies: